Verizon’s Black Friday Sale That Is Too Good To Be True!


So, you are wanting to crawl back to the evil empire known as Big Red to some, or Verizon to others, but you just can’t do it quite yet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, as one that champions the non-contract plans of just about everyone out there, it’s painful for me to write this post. To make it even worse, I will plan on joining you shortly, or at least as soon as my store opens on that dreadful Black Friday morning.

Verizon is turning up the heat on the competition this weekend with a sale so huge, it would be crazy for someone that was considering moving to Verizon not to do it right now. Starting Thursday online or Friday in-store, Verizon’s Black Friday deals include a few accessories that are perfect for under the tree, but more so, one offer in particular that makes them the choice for your holiday wireless carrier needs. In-store, on Friday, Verizon is offering an instant $200 discount on all Android devices over $400 when you port your number to them. When you combine this with the $300 credit for turning in your current smartphone, you receive a whopping $500 discount on the latest and greatest devices when you purchase it using the device payment program.

This deal brings the Galaxy S6 down to just $3.16 a month on top of your normal bill, which Verizon is kind enough to offer for as low as $50 a month, plus taxes and fees. Once it’s all said and done, it works out to a lowly $63.66 a month for a full GB of data, unlimited talk and text and that new Galaxy S6. Of course, if you choose to pay off the $76 for the phone right after you purchase it, you can take your new phone to any MVNO you feel like. All Verizon handsets are shipping unlocked as part of their 700MHz spectrum auction bid back in the day.

All in all, spending $75-250 for a premium smartphone is anything but a bad deal. Plus you get the confidence of trying out Verizon again to see what you are missing out on. Existing users are not eligible for this promotion, but if you raised a big enough stink in store, you just might get to pull it off.


UPDATE: We are receiving various different stories on what handsets are and are not available on the $200 Black Friday Deal. Speaking with an online agent, any Android smartphone costing $400 or more will be given a $200 discount on Black Friday, in stores only. Saturday through Monday, those devices will be discounted $100.

Speaking with a store representative last night, his instructions were to only process the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Moto Droid Turbo 2 with the $200 Black Friday sale and that select other devices will qualify for the $100 weekend sales pricing. These included the Samsung S6 edge and Note 5, the LG V10, the HTC One M9 and a few others. He was also unsure of how the trade-in would be handled as they are usually sent in the form of a gift card or account credit, but given the payment structure that was used, he had to assume that it would be an instant, in-store redeemed credit.

We will post more as Verizon clarifies this deal. If anything, this only proves that the big carriers can even make buying a phone confusing.


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