T-Mobile Brings Video To Data Free Program


Say what you will, but T-Mobile is trying very hard to make their deals too good to pass up. They started with ditching contracts and using financing for phones. Then they changed their prepaid game. Then they brought roll-over data to the table. Then it was unlimited streaming music, without using your data cap. The latest move, is one that is truly a shocker… Unlimited video streaming without counting against your data cap. Yes, that is what they will be running out to Simple Choice plans beginning on 11/15. Users will now be able to stream all the Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, HBO Go, and quite a few others without using any cellular data.

Of course, there is a catch to the Binge On deal. While T-Mobile won’t be capping or throttling your data connection, they will be throttling the stream coming to it. What we mean by this is that T-Mobile will be streaming all services at 480p instead of the higher resolution 720p or 1080p. If you are a video streamer that loves their 4k device screen, this might matter to you, but if you are someone that watches a few episodes of Game of Thrones on the road to catch up, it probably won’t be as big of deal. T-Mobile did not return our request for information on if the App being used for Binge On was different than the standard App or if the compression was happening at the service end. If it turns out to be embedded in a special version of the Apps being use, this would mean all streaming would be done at the lower quality picture, including that done over Wi-Fi.

Binge On is slated to be available to any Simple Choice plan on November 15th. You may opt out of the service by cancelling the unlimited streaming portion, which would restore your video quality to HD or better depending on the App or service, but doing so will also begin using mobile data again when not on Wi-Fi. More information on the Binge On program is available at T-Mobile.com

Source: T-Mobile

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