Grab A Free LG Optimus Dynamic From Net10 Wireless


It seems like carrier stores are charging more and more for their new handsets, whether that’s with a monthly payment program or just a massively high retail price for a new phone. In a refreshing change, MVNO’s like Net10 Wireless are offering lower cost handsets and a lower monthly bill to go along with them. Currently, Net10 is running a rather brilliant promo for a new LG Optimus Dynamic. The device is now free when you purchase Net10 service.

Net10 runs on all four major carriers in the US. Their single user plan is $50 for unlimited talk, text and 5GB of LTE data before being dropped to 2G speeds. There is also a $40 option that offer 1.5GB of LTE and a $35 option with 500MB of data. On top of that, you receive a 10% discount on your plan when you sign up for Auto-Pay. This makes the plans $31.50, $36 and $45 after the auto-pay discount. The advantage to using Net10 over other MVNO’s is that regardless of the handset that you currently have, locked or unlocked, there is a network that it will operate on that Net10 has a contract with. Sprint and Verizon users simply perform an ESN or IMEI check before activating, though you might need to deactivate your device to let us pass the check. AT&T or T-Mobile users simply order the SIM card that you need for your device for a flat $.99 right now. Whatever your network, Net10 has you covered.

The LG Optimus Dynamic is a 3.2” older Android model that is running Android Gingerbread (2.3) from back in the day, and when we say back in the day, we mean 2011. Another issue with the device is the lack of much internal storage, though you can supplement this with a MicroSD care of 32GB or smaller. It is far from a bad emergency phone, and it is free. Overall, it’s our choice to hit up the $.99 SIM deal if you do need that phone, save up the $59.99 to upgrade to the LG Ultimate 2. The 4.5” display and Android make this device a much stronger choice than the freebie Dynamic. Of course, if you just want a free phone, the Dynamic is there for you. Hit the link below to check out Net10’s current offerings.

Source: Net10


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