Sprint Offers Up Another Gimmick


When you’re struggling, you’ll try anything to get new customers in the door. Of course, Sprint has been struggling for a while now, and they have been trying gimmick after gimmick to get new customers in the door, without much success. First there was the “we will pay off your contract” deal, then the “cut your bill in half” event. Now, we have the buy a Samsung device and get a free year of Amazon Prime program.

The Sprint deal is limited to purchases of the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or the Note 5. It’s also worth nothing that you can snag that S6 for just $10 a month when you trade in an eligible smartphone. All in all, if you were thinking of heading to Sprint, the extra $100 Prime membership is a bit of a deal. If not, it looks like yet another deal that Sprint is trying to win over some of the holiday traffic. Either way, the S6 at $10 a month is a great deal and their truly unlimited plans are still one of the few left around. Read the fine print on that one though, there is some very funny small print about streaming speeds and such in there.

Source: Sprint


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