Who Wants A Free LG G4 From Verizon Wireless?


We all know that carrier stores are usually pretty expensive to walk into. Ordering a device online is usually a bit cheaper, but even then, you are out either a huge payment program or a nice long contract to get that device delivered to you. There are always exceptions to the rule, and this is a big one. Verizon Wireless is currently running a few promo deals that you can link together with LG’s own promotional offers to get a brand new LG G4 for less than you think. Now, it will take a bit of interesting hoop-jumping, but the math does add up in the end.

First, you start by hitting up Ebates and signing up for an account. Then, when you use the Ebates link to the Verizon Wireless website, you will get a $75 cash bonus for going through that gateway and starting a new line of service. After you get to Verizon’s site, order up a brand new G4 on their monthly payment program. The G4 will set you back $23 a month under this program. Then use the coupon code “LGG4SAVE” at checkout to gain a $100 discount. You then pick your plan, which can be as low as $65 starting out. That is your out of pocket expense on this deal – $65.

From there, you start the magic. The Any Working Smartphone trade-in works with any working smartphone. This could be a older model that you have laying around or even a dirt cheap $9.99 TracFone that you snag a Target. Just punch in the IMEI number and you are all set to get a $300 Verizon Gift Card in the mail after you send in your device. You then hit up LG’s own rebate department for a lovely $200 Visa Card Rebate on the G4 as well. This card will arrive in 4-6 weeks.

What this all adds up to is a pretty good deal on an unlocked LG G4 Android phone. In total, the phone will cost $552 outright, but remember to set it up under the monthly payment program, otherwise you are not eligible for the $300 trade in. You then get $75 back from Ebates, a $300 Verizon credit, a $100 instant Verizon discount and a $200 LG Visa card as well. To pay off the device, you will want to pay it down to the $300 credit level and then use your VZW credit to pay off the device in full. Be warned, it can take up to 3 billing cycles for the credit to be applied, so you may have to ride out a few months of that minimal plan to take advantage of the deal, but when all is said and done, doing this online will net you about $100 cash in pocket, plus that LG G4 that you can take to any T-Mobile MVNO and still get those LTE speeds.

There are also conflicting reports of the deal working out instantly in-stores. Some have had great success in purchasing the deal and getting the $300 credit applied instantly to the device, while others have reported that it didn’t work for them. Your mileage may vary on this one, but overall, if you have the cash on hand and don’t mind taking a chance on using a few months of Verizon service, it’s a pretty great deal on the G4. The discounts appear to be available through 11/15/15 and all information must be submitted by 11/27/15.

Source: SlickDeals


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