GIV Mobile’s Free Phone Deal Should Not Be Missed


If there is one thing that we like better than a deal on service, it would be a deal on service with a new phone. GIV Mobile, a division of long time MVNO Platinum Tel, has got you covered on all fronts with their latest promotion. Simply purchase 2 months of the unlimited plan of your choice and you get a BLU Advance 4.0 handset gratis. The Advance 4.0 is a lower end Android device running Android 4.2. It features a MediaTek 1.3GHz processor and 4GB of internal storage. It also has a 5MP rear facing camera and a VGA front shooter.  The 1500 mAh battery should keep you running through the day without any major issue. While the specs have 2012 written all over them, when you are talking about a freebie device for signing up for just 2 months of prepaid service, you can’t really argue too much.


Now we know free phones are always fun, but what sets GIV Mobile apart from the rest of the MVNO’s is the fact that your unlimited plan includes so many features that are normally reserved for those ‘big carrier’ plans. First off, the only difference in plans is the amount of LTE data you receive monthly. The $30 plan includes 1GB of LTE before being slowed. The $40 plan doubles that to 2GB. The $60 plan is the power user deal and includes a full 10GB of LTE before dropping to 2G speeds. It’s important to note that this is a full throttling plan, NOT a drop to a different network that offers slower speeds. This is important when you are looking at coverage maps. GIV’s plans also include unlimited talk to any US number, unlimited SMS both domestically and internationally, and international rates from $.01 per minute with a free $5 or $10 credit based on the value of you plan. On top of all of that, if you have a compatible T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling phone, you can request a compatible SIM and activate the same Wi-Fi calling feature that is available on the carrier itself. Then we get to the best part of all, as a prepaid service, you aren’t subject to the 20% in taxes and fees that are normally associated with cellular billing. Overall, it’s an amazing deal that is very hard to pass up.


It’s also worth noting that GIV Mobile sets the bar a bit higher than the average company. Not only does GIV get you great coverage on the nationwide T-Mobile LTE network, but also gives 8% of your monthly bill to a charity of your choosing. Now their list doesn’t have everyone on it yet, but if you don’t see a charity that you would like to support on the list yet, you can always recommend one to them. Of course, with charities like the Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Homes For Our Troops and The Conservation Fund, chances are you can find a cause that you are happy to support on their list.

GIV Mobile’s promotion is about as simple as they get. Purchase a SIM card for $4.99 and two months of the $30, $40 or $60 unlimited plans and you get the Advance for free. There are no strings, schwarmy deals or crazy rebate forms. While the phone isn’t necessarily what a power user would need to get through the day, the Advance 4.0 will suit lighter users or be a great backup device for those that don’t already have one. Just hit the link below and snag the deal while you can.

Link: GIV Mobile Free Phone Deal

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