Boost Mobile Adding Data For On Time Payments

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When Boost Mobile runs a promotion, they certainly do some head spinning things. From the same brilliant company that brought you “Shrinkage” plans that dropped your payments $5 a month when you paid on time comes a new one, the growing data plan. From just $30 a month, Boost Mobile will be happy to pony up 5GB of LTE data for users that stick with them for 18 months. Of course, for that pricing. you would need to enroll in Auto Re-Boost, but if you are using Boost Mobile, you’d be doing that to save the $5 a month anyways. All things considered, this program is about customer retention, and it is just so brilliant, it should work well for the Sprint MVNO.

Boost Mobile’s new plan is rather simple. For every three months you pay on time, you get a bonus of 500MB of data. On the 2GB plan, this means you get 2.5GB on month three, 3GB after month 6, 3.5GB after month 9 and 4GB after one year. The next two cycles will take you up to a full 5GB of LTE data before your speeds get dropped to a throttled 3G connection. Boost Mobile’s offering is unmatched by anyone in the game right now, but it may not last for very long. Usually with promotions like this, companies will commit to a certain number of lines before they head back to normal plans and pricing. If you are in the market for a deal, head over to the Boost Mobile site and check out the savings.

Source: Boost Mobile


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