Red Pocket Mobile Rolls Out New Ebay Only Value Plans

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Attention value hunters. Red Pocket Mobile is upping the prepaid cellular value plan game once again. With a new Ebay Only offering, users can snag 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 text messages and 1000MB (500MB at LTE/4G) of data for just $199 a year. For just $16.58 a month, users will enjoy a plan that works with the AT&T, Verizon or Sprint Networks and they won’t have to worry about a bill until next year. If you are more of a text user, you can upgrade to unlimited texting for just $229 a year. In addition to the stock plan, the deal also includes various add-ons if you think you are getting close to your limits. For just $10 you can add 500 minutes, texts or MB of LTE/4G data. For $15, those amounts increase to an additional 1000 of either. This would set the cost of a plan that includes 1000 minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of data at a mere $34.08 per month. If you want to check out the new yearly option for RPM, visit their Ebay store as you won’t find this deal on their regular website.

Source: Red Pocket Mobile Ebay Store


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