Grab A Free LTE Hot Spot While They Last


FreedomPop is getting ready to transition from WiMAX to LTE in early November. To help get things started, they are offering up a great deal on the Sierra Wireless 803s LTE hot spot. For a limited time, users can grab the portable LTE connection for just a $39.99 activation fee. Yes, that is correct, users get the device gratis and only pay a one time activation fee to get the device headed their way. Of course, there are some things worth noting on this deal.

First, the 803s is a refurbished or certified pre owned condition model, not new. This might mean replacing a battery or some cosmetic blemishes here or there, but otherwise the devices should be functional. Next up, FreedomPop tends to be a bit ‘interesting’ in billing, so make sure to log in and downgrade your plans by hitting your account page and shutting off auto top-off and the premium plan you are signed up for on a free 30 day trial. Next up, keep in mind that because of the delayed billing, you only get 400MB of data before you are shut down on the free plan. Finally, the shipping department at FreedomPop is far from speedy, so be prepared to wait for your device. It isn’t unheard of to have a 30-45 day wait in some cases. Either way, a $100 hot spot for free isn’t a bad deal and lifetime LTE data for just a $40 activation fee is pretty sweet as well.

Overall, this is still quite the deal compared to most hot spot plans. Grabbing a few friends from the FreedomPop forums will net you another couple hundred MBs of data as well, so overall, there isn’t much negative to say about this deal. Although we can’t really recommend it for driving down the road watching movies, for the out and about blogger or someone that just needs to download emails to a laptop on the go, it is better than anything else around. Hit the link below to grab your 803s before they are gone.

Source: FreedomPop


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