NetZero Does Cellular With Low Cost LTE Plans


Back in the day, NetZero was one of our favorite dial-up internet providers. Those pesky lines filled up quickly in the evenings, but that freebie price tag just kept us coming back over and over again. Well, fast forward a few (or 20+ years) and NetZero is doing it again with the cellular industry, or at least almost doing it again. They have taken to the web to roll out a few Sprint powered, lower cost plans to keep you rolling down the road. Unfortunately, they just seem to miss the mark with others out-doing them on every aspect of their deals.

First up, the $8 monthly plan with 100 minutes of talk and 100 text messages. This isn’t even up to par with the FreedomPop free plan with the $3.99 premium voice subscription. For half the price you get double the minutes, five times the texts and 500MB of data each month. Jumping to the $25 plan, you get 500 minutes of talk, 1000 texts and 100MB of LTE data.  From there, the $39 plan goes unlimited, with 1GB ot LTE speeds and the jump to $55 gets you 2GB of LTE speed. Overall, a slightly less attractive set of offerings than their older dial-up data plans.


Phones range from the starter ZTE Fury handset for $49.95 (or free with 6 months of service) to the iPhone 4s and Galaxy SIII at the $199.95 mark. None of the handset offerings are particularly attractive, but for a starter phone, most would do fine. Overall, the NetZero plans just leave us wanting way more ‘stuff’ for less money, especially from a value MVNO. Their data offerings aren’t a whole lot better. For $64.95 you can land a nice LTE hotspot, only to find yourself hit with a $19.95 plan charge for 1GB of data, a $20 activation fee and $2.95 a month for administrative costs. Overall, that GB of data and hotspot will end up costing you quite a bit more than you bargained for. Of course, for $129.95 you can snag that hotspot to be used on NetZero’s 200MB data plan for no charge.

Source: NetZero


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