Does The New Republic Wireless Refund Plan Make Sense For You?


With all the cost cutting methods available in cellular going with the big guys is making less and less sense. When a plan comes along that offers you unlimited talk, text and data for under $20 a month, it just seems downright crazy to continue to spend $100 a month on a cellular bill. Of course the Wi-Fi powered MVNO Republic Wireless is hoping that sanity prevails and users begin to flock to them for their sub-$20 Refund Plan offering.

The Refund Plan is very simplistic to say the least. Users begin with an unlimited talk and text plan for with a $10 monthly cost or if you prefer, just $5 for Wi-Fi calling and texting only. Data users can then add .5GB chunks of data for $7.50 a month. For example, the base unlimited plan with 1GB of data would set a user back $25 a month. This is where the plan gets very interesting though, if a user has left over data at the end of their billing cycle, the data is refunded at $.01 per MB, which doesn’t sound like much, but if someone were to have that $25 plan and only use 100MB of data, the bill would fall to $16 the following month.

Republic Wireless also doesn’t kill users with expensive device costs. Currently, Republic Wireless has the Moto G for just $99 in the 8GB model. If a bit more power is on order, the Republic Wireless Moto E (2nd generation) is just $129 in the 8GB model. Finally, for the flagship smartphone users, Republic Wireless offers the 16GB Moto X (2nd generation) for just $299. If you need a bit more customization, Republic Wireless also offers the MotoMaker service with a 32GB Moto X option.

The payback program from Republic Wireless is a definite head turner for the lighter smartphone data user, but can also be one that people with access to Wi-Fi on a consistent basis will enjoy a large savings with. Users should check their cellular data and Wi-Fi usage to see just how much data is being consumed monthly. If the cellular data portion is under 500MB, there’s a $17.50 plan just waiting to be activated and start saving some serious cash.

Source: Republic Wireless


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