PTel Mobile Discounts Plans, Adds More Data


There is always something good that pops up on a random morning, and today is no different. Ptel Mobile, an MVNO running on the T-Mobile network, has done some plan shuffling to make a few better deals for you and your friends that are looking to save a few bucks a month. Beginning today, you can snag their new $30 plan which includes unlimited talk, text and date, with 1GB at LTE speeds. It also includes a $5 a month credit for international calling. The new $40 plan will allow you to double up that LTE cap to 2GB for just $10 more. For an additional $10, you can take it up to 3GB. Finally, bringing your monthly bill up to $60 will net you 10GB of LTE data.

Ptel Mobile is definitely stepping up their game and their plans to keep pace with the newest offerings from everyone else. Keep in mind that Ptel Mobile does run on the T-Mobile network, so coverage is very strong in cities and larger towns, but can be lacking in rural areas. Overall, their $30 plan puts them in a prime spot for you to consider a jump if you are out of contract or you just want to try the service.

You can combine these new plans with a few amazing deals that Ptel Mobile is running right now. First is the Free Phone deal that will net you a free Android device when you sign up with the $30-60 plan. Another is the second month free deal for porting your current number over to Ptel Mobile. If you are looking to start saving some cash on your bill, check out the link below.

Source: Ptel Mobile


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