FreedomPop Begins Cellular Calling Option For $3.99 A Month


In an effort to increase customer satisfaction, the “free” MVNO, FreedomPop is now offering a cellular calling upgrade option for just $3.99 a month. In the past, the network was plagued with areas of poor data coverage or areas where Wi-Fi just wasn’t strong enough to make reliable voice calls. The FreedomPop Premium Voice Service is the perfect work around for this issue. If you are a light user, your 200 minute plan with 500 texts and 500MB of data would still be free, but the option of being able to use those 200 minutes on the Sprint network would cost you just $3.99 a month.


For those that need a bit more talk time that the free FreedomPop plan offers, you can upgrade to the annual talk and text plan fro just $79.99 a year (or $6.67 a month) which would take that unlimited cellular calling to just $10.66 a month. Finally, if you need a full tilt boogie, all in package, the $19.99 a month unlimited everything plan would come in at $23.98 with the unlimited cellular voice option. Keep in mind that FreedomPop works everywhere you have Wi-Fi so adding an additional voice service add-on might only be needed if you do quite a bit of calling from your car or other mobile centers.


The new Premium Voice Service upgrade is available on all FreedomPop lines. It works with all compatible FreedomPop phones and eligible BOYD phones as well. Just make sure you check the box at checkout to get signed up for a free 30 day trial. If you miss it, it’s available to add from your services menu after you sign up for your account, but there is no free 30 day trial if you add it from there. It really is a great deal for those looking to save some money on your cellular bill. Make sure to visit the link below and check out what FreedomPop can do for your bill today.


Source: FreedomPop

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