T-Mobile Compatible Plans Go Missing From Red Pocket Lineup


Red Pocket Mobile made a surprising move this week as they discontinued the offering of their T-Mobile compatible plans. This comes as a shock to many in the MVNO marketplace, as MVNO’s typically won’t surrender a full operators service without a bit of a fight. While losing the T-Mo network might be a blow to others, Red Pocket Mobile continues to offer plans for all three other major US networks.

Red Pocket Mobile plans still start at $19.99 a month, and unlimited plans are still offered on all three remaining networks. Red Pocket did not reply to our requests for a reason behind the drop, but we would have to venture that either the plans were not popular enough among users, the network as creating too many issues for their users or pricing became unfriendly for them. With T-Mobile’s aggressive prepaid pricing and new non-contract deals, it’s getting harder for MVNO’s to make much on the network.

For now, you can still visit Red Pocket Mobile online and grab a lower cost plan on the AT&T, Sprint or Verizon networks.

Link: Red Pocket Mobile

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