GIV Mobile Launches $30 Unlimited Plan Increases Data On $60


If you are in the market for more choices, GIV Mobile has you covered. With a few new tweaks, GIV Mobile, a T-Mobile based MVNO that offers to give 8% of your bill to a charity that you choose, has a plan that will fit just about everyone’s needs. With two changes to their current lineup, GIV Mobile has become an even better value that it has ever been before.

Starting with the $20 plan, you now have access to 250MB of MMS/Mobile data. While this isn’t enough for the average smartphone user, for those with access to Wi-Fi all the time or those that still just want to carry a feature phone, this plan can be a major money saver. The $25 plan still offers unlimited everything every month, just with data being throttled to 128kbps 2G speeds. The $30 plan took a $5 drop in their latest pricing model, which is a welcome sight. The plan includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first GB using T-Mobile LTE speeds.

Finally the biggest change is in the monster plan. The $60 plan used to feature 4GB of data, but that is no longer. When you purchase that $60 PIN now, you get a full 10GB of LTE speeds before being slowed. This makes the two year cost of this 10GB unlimited plan just $1440, plus device. This is about half of what someone would spend on AT&T or Verizon for the same deal and about 30-40% off the standard T-Mobile pricing. Check the link below for complete details and to see how you can even get a free month of service for porting in your number or a free phone from GIV Mobile.

Source: GIV Mobile

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