Hello Huawei SnapTo: The Sub-$200 Phone War Just Got Real


When the conversation comes up about buying a new smartphone, usually the only time prices drop under the $200 level is when you are looking at some entry level handset to get you by until you can save for something better, or if you’ve abandoned your contract-free thinking and decided to get that latest flagship, no matter how much more a month it costs you. Out to change that thought is the new Huawei SnapTo. This 5” beast of a device has a street price of just $179.99 and it is worth every penny of that, and then some. Of course, more important than price is the fact of whether or not if it is the right phone for you?

The build quality on the Huawei SnapTo is very good. It doesn’t quite rival the quality of those $650 flagship devices that are on the market right now, but as far as the quality goes for a $200 device goes, it is top notch. The SnapTo is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor running a Quad-core 1.2GHz configuration. Not the latest by any standards, but certainly a stronger competitor than some of the lower cost options that are available today. It is hindered slightly by only having 1GB of RAM, but as long as you keep the multitasking loads to a minimum, it should continue to run smoothly throughout the day. The 8GB of internal storage can be added to by utilizing the included MicroSD slot, which was confirmed to work with most 32GB cards.

The 5MP shooter on the SnapTo yielded some good images, but again, it depends on what you are comparing the camera to. If you are moving from a Galaxy S5 or an Nokia Lumia 1520, you’ll be a bit disappointed with the optics on the SnapTo. If you take mostly snapshots outdoors, the SnapTo will take care of you just fine. The front facing shooter features a 2MP camera that takes decent enough selfies to share with friends on Instagram. Overall, the screen is the star of the show with the SnapTo. The 5” display has a pixel density of 294 PPI, which is amazing in a device at this price point. The 66% screen to body ratio is also pretty enticing on the SnapTo.

The SnapTo ships ready for US GSM carriers and their MVNOs. It is unlocked out of the box, so using it across networks and plans is no issue. This device does not feature CDMA frequencies, so Verizon and Sprint users our out of luck, but the rest of the US universe is in luck right out of the box. The SnapTo also has Android 4.4 as the base OS, with a probable upgrade to Lollipop later this year.

The SnapTo is available for $179.99 from Amazon and it ships free to Prime members. If you are looking for a strong Android powered device for under $200, you will want to check out the Huawei SnapTo. Hit the link below to grab yourself one today.

Link: Huawei SnapTo


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