Keeping Pace: Best Deals In Prepaid Wireless For May 2015


Every month, the MVNO market gets a bit more competitive. Carriers like Republic Wireless that drop a $5 Wi-Fi only plan on people get the headlines with their $60 a year price tag. Still others like FreedomPop, offer freemium service with the purchase of a refurbished handset at a huge discount. The growing trend though can be found in the carriers themselves, but not in the way you might think. More and more carriers are offering competitive prepaid/no credit check options that may shock you and the bill you pay to them quite a bit.

Best Value: Verizon Wireless Network


If you are a Verizon Wireless user, you are probably tired of seeing your bill go up and up and your service seems to drop a bit at a time. Well, to reign things in, Verizon has a new offering on their $45 prepaid plan. For $45 a month, users receive unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of LTE data. When they sign up for AutoPay, Verizon will credit the user an additional GB of data every month for life. That makes it equal to a postpaid plan that would be valued at $90 a month with 2 year pricing on your phone or over $70 with a Verizon Edge agreement. Overall, the $45 plan is run on the strongest network in the country, features no additional taxes and will save you $300-500 a year over a contract price with Verizon.

Best Value: Sprint Network


We have to give to nod on this one, once again, to Boost Mobile. Their simplistic $30 a month for 2GB of LTE data with unlimited talk and text is just a deal. While Boost plans don’t include that valuable Verizon roaming that is included with the Sprint postpaid offerings, they do include access to Sprint Spark where it is available. Check the coverage map for your area and start watching the savings pile up with this plan’s $850 2 year cost. By the way, that cost even includes a new HTC Desire 510 or Microsoft Lumia 635. Again, and we can’t stress this enough, check the coverage map for the areas you need to user your device on this one. If they are all solid, this is one of the best values in wireless right now.

Best Value: T-Mobile Network


T-Mobile’s MVNO situation is about as confusing as it gets. While there are plenty of options, and most of them are priced in the same range, we pretty much have to rank them on available service plans and savings since everything else is created equal. For now, Ptel Mobile still offers the best bang for the buck – and we say for now, because it seems like someone else is rolling out some new plan daily on T-Mobile’s network. For starters, Ptel Mobile has a leg up on the competition due to their 1 months free port in credit. Sign up, bring your number and your second month is on them. Simple.

Part two of the Ptel Mobile deals is the fact that you can choose what plan you want based on how much data you’ll need. With a $35 1GB LTE plan and a $40 2GB LTE plan, light users are covered for less. If you need the extra large 10GB plans, you might want to consider jumping over to Simple Mobile as their data allotments going up to the higher priced plans are a bit higher.

Best Value: AT&T Network


Once again, we have to give the nod to a carrier prepaid plan for the AT&T network. Getting the benefits of a home network rather than a cut rate MVNO network is pretty great. The AT&T GoPhone plan is a simple $45 a month plan that includes 1.5GB of LTE data and unlimited 2G data after you burn through that for the remainder of the billing cycle. This makes it a no brainer for those that want the reliability of AT&T’s network. If you aren’t as critical about network speeds, check out the options from Cricket Wireless.

The $45 monthly plan will save you about $50 a month over AT&T’s postpaid rates and won’t make you sacrifice coverage or network speeds to do so. Red Pocket Mobile takes home an honorable mention with their $39.99 plan that offers 500MB of LTE data before throttling users down to 2G speeds, but snagging that extra GB of data from AT&T directly for just $5 a month more is just too good of deal to pass on.


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