Net10 Wireless Now Offering Discount Phone Upgrade Program


In an almost common move now, Net10 Wireless is now offering a discounted phone upgrade program that will use points accrued by paying for your monthly plan. In as little as 6 months, you can earn a $200 discount on the Net10 handset of your choice. Of course, if the $80 a month bill for the “unlimited” plan is too much for you, you can slow your upgrade pace by quite a bit by signing up for the $60 plan that will take you 18 months to earn that handset credit.


Of course, one only has to exercise a bit of common sense and maybe purchase a piggybank in order to do a bit better than this deal on their own, but having the money actually spent before you spend it on something else might make it a bit easier. For example, the plan is a dead knock off of their $45 monthly plan with auto pay. This means for the $60 plan, you are paying an additional $15 a month (or $270 for that $300 phone discount) or an additional $25 a month (or $300 for a $300 discount) or even a monstrously high $35 a month ($210 for a $200 discount). Unless you are piping in on that 18 month deal, you really won’t come out too far ahead on this deal.


Even still, if you are in the market for a plan that will sock away a bit of cash for you, so you don’t have to worry about dipping into savings to buy a new handset. The $300 discount would certainly come in handy right now for grabbing a Galaxy Note 3 for $150 or an HTC One M8 for just $99. Of course, by the time you get your $300 discount, you’d probably be looking at the Note 5 and the M10, but who’s counting. Anyway you look at it, whether you bank your credit through Net10 or just that piggybank at home, it’s always fun to get a new device. Maybe stocking up a few phone credits towards that new phone is the way you need to stash that cash so you can do it more often.

Source: Net10 Wireless


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