GIV Mobile Offering Free Month Of Service With Phone Purchase


If there is one thing that is better than giving money to a worthy charity, it has to be a company that does it for you. The T-Mobile MVNO, GIV Mobile is one such company. GIV sets up as a quick and easy way for you to donate a small portion (8%) of your bill to a charity of your choice from their list of approved organizations. While 8% may not seem like a fortune, could you imagine how easily it can add up over 1,000’s of users?

GIV is making it a bit easier to jump on board with them by offering up your first month of service for free when you purchase a GIV Mobile compatible handset from their site. From the LG Optimus to the LG G2, there’s a pretty decent handset available for you at a good price. Of course, if you’d rather buy a few months of service and get a free or discounted device, GIV has you covered there as well.

If you are in the market for a better priced plan that will let you help others at the same time, head on over to GIV Mobile’s website and check out the deals. Free phones or free service is a great way to get started, and don’t forget, you are able to help others with that monthly contribution via something you already pay for.

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