When You’re Tired Of Losing Your Stuff Just Fetch It

2015-04-02 12.56.42

Every once in a while, a bargain product comes along. The HTC Fetch is one of those low cost, value products that serves quite a few great uses. It’s a phone locator, a key finder, a camera remote and a pretty cute key chain to boot. The Fetch is a great mix between design and functionality, which makes it one of the most useful add-on devices we’ve ever played with.

The single button of the Fetch makes it easy to use. When your Fetch arrives, pair it to your device (Android with Bluetooth 4.0 LE) and away you go! From there, download the App for your device and start it up. After you get it all installed, a simple click of the button on the Fetch will find your phone. Opening the App and asking it to find your Fetch will help you find whatever you attached the Fetch to.

Finally, if you are in camera mode, that same quick tap of the button will engage the shutter on your mobile device and snap a quick photo. Overall, the Fetch is a pretty great little addition to your mobile arsenal. Even better, the Fetch can be had for under $20 at the link below so grab yours today and keep track of all that lost stuff, even if you lose it.

Link: Fetch


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