Happy Easter! Here Are The Top Cell Plans For April 2015

Freedom Pop

Light Use Plan

Why it’s amazing: FreedomPop wins this one hands down. Their 200 minute, 500 text plan is a real winner no matter how you slice it. Why? Because with FreedomPop, this plan is 100% free. That’s right, you buy a nice refurbished phone for $50-300 and you get free service. It’s that simple. Did we mention it includes 500MB of LTE data on the Sprint network as well?

What’s not great: FreedomPop operates on a VoIP software. It’s not always perfect, but who’s going to argue with free? Also, in order to bring your data allotment up to 1GB of LTE it will cost you about $20 or very near the cost of some of the major MVNO’s monthly unlimited deals.

Who its for: The FreedomPop plan is the perfect solution for those that need a phone number. The lower cost handsets (they usually have some in the $50 range) will power you through the day and keep you rolling. If you don’t actually want ‘data’ with your phone, you can download the App on any Android device and use your existing handset while you test out the service.


Heavy Use Plan

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile takes the cake with their $35 – 2.5GB monthly plan. Of course, if you are a true heavy user, you laugh at this one and jump immediately to the 10GB plan for $55 a month. For about $100 you can snag a pretty capable LTE handset and depending on your level of heavy usage, you can escape with a 12 month cost of just over $750. If you can squeeze by on that 2.5GB of LTE data before slowing, you can cut that cost to near $500 a year.

What’s not great: Sprint coverage in many areas is lacking greatly. Boost Mobile runs off this same network, but doesn’t offer the roaming abilities that Sprint has in their pockets. That means even if you have had decent Sprint coverage in the past, you may not have the best of luck with Boost Mobile. Also, another slight negative is the fact that your Boost Mobile unlimited data is pulled over the slow Sprint 3G network.

Who it’s for: Boost Mobile is ideal for the person that wants a ton of data for not much money. There are very few plans that will keep 10GB of data under $60 a month. Boost Mobile is getting aggressive to keep people coming and it is working. With great phone prices and a great phone selection, Boost Mobile has a device for everyone. Whether you want to save a little every month with the $55 plan or a lot with the $35 plan, Boost Mobile makes sense for anyone in a good Sprint coverage area.



Single Line Contract Plan

Why it’s amazing: Sprint’s network may not be quite as vast as some of the others and their fiscal performance may not be all that great either, but don’t let that scare you off. Sprint has some of the best deals going in both prepaid and postpaid wireless. Their $60 unlimited everything deal is just too good to miss. For $72 a month after taxes, you grab a plan that will give you unlimited talk, text and LTE data. Add a low cost monthly handset like the Sharp AQUOS Crystal or the HTC Desire 510 to the mix and you are paying under $80 a month for this deal. Add a new Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 to it and you come in just over $90 a month. Anyway you slice it, this Sprint deal is pretty amazing. This is also a great way to get out of your current contract as Sprint will pay up to $650 to grab you as a customer (they will pay off your existing contract or device financing via gift card) and give you a $75 bonus rewards card when you lease a device.

What’s not so great: Well, it’s Sprint. They are bleeding subscribers for a reason. Much of it has to do with the fact that Sprint doesn’t have great coverage in many places. Other reasons would be the slower rollout of their LTE network and the fact that most people just don’t do math well when considering their cellular needs. Sprint has positioned themselves to start bringing in people in droves, but only in major metro areas. For example, if you live in Montana, just call Verizon instead.

Who it’s for: There is one person this Sprint plan is aimed at – the data monger. If you can get by with less data than ‘unlimited’, there is a better plan for you. Keep in mind that 50-75% of your day is usually spent somewhere that there is Wi-Fi coverage. Whether that is spending your evenings at home and sleeping overnight or if you have a mobile office and do meetings at Starbucks, Wi-Fi usually isn’t far away and unlimited data isn’t something you probably need. That said, for those that need it, a truly unlimited data plan is pretty hard to find now. Sprint and T-Mobile are the only choices you have right now and Sprint seems to have a better deal.

Links: FreedomPopBoost MobileSprint

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