When You Need To Take Your Juice With You


There’s not much worse than starting to head out for a night out on the town only to find your battery is stuck at 20%. You plug it in to charge in the car, but that precious device just isn’t charging fast enough. That’s where HTC Battery Bar will come in to save the day, or even your night. This pocket sized powerhouse will keep your device going all night long and still have enough juice to power up your friend’s as well.

The 9000mAh battery pack will deliver a quick charge and a few of them, anywhere you need it. The HTC Battery Bar is equally at home at the campsite where you can use its large capacity to charge phones, tablets and just about anything else that works with a USB plug. The included cable is about a 6″ micro USB cord that will do a great job with those HTC Ones or Samsung Galaxys.

You can grab the 9000 mAn HTC Battery Bar for $59.99 at Amazon right now. It even includes free shipping for Prime Members. If you find yourself stuck needing some power on the go, even just once in a while, go check out the amazing HTC Battery Bar today.

Link: HTC Battery Bar

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