PTEL Mobile Offers Up Free Phones With Unlimited Plans


Score one for the end user! PTel Mobile is at it again with another amazing deal. Right now, you can choose from select handset at no charge when you purchase the $25, $35, $40, $50 or $60 unlimited monthly plans from PTel Mobile. Stock is moving extremely quickly on these older devices, but for those that don’t need the latest and greatest, or that just want to give the T-Mobile MVNO a try out, there is no better way to get started than for free.

From feature phones like the Alcatel Sparq and the Samsung Smiley to the aged Android powered HTC Wildfire S, the free devices cover a pretty good selection of people’s needs. While you won’t find a stellar deal on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One M7 on this promotion, the fact that you can grab that backup device or maybe one for the kids at no charge really makes this worth taking a look at.

Considering the $25 plan with SIM card is only $29.99 online right now from PTel Mobile, it makes a $79.99 device seem like an amazing deal. Don’t forget that includes a month of unlimited talk, text and 2G data to go with it. If you are in the market for a feature phone or a simplistic smartphone model, swing by the PTel Mobile website and check out the Free Phone link today.

Source: PTel Mobile


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