Grab A Free HTC One M8 At Sprint


Are you that one person that just won’t pay for a new device, no matter what the “deal” is on the latest and greatest thing? If so, Sprint has a deal for you. The gorgeous HTC One M8 is available in a pristine gold finish for free with a new 2 year agreement.

Spec wise, the M8 is no slacker. The M8 is powered by 2GB of RAM and has 32GB of storage on board. The internal storage is expandable via MicroSD card. The HD display, delivers crystal clear images and amazing battery performance. Overall, the M8 will keep going well past that 2 year contract end date.

One of the mixed review points of the M8 has been the camera. While it isn’t a 20MP monster, the Duo Cam has some amazing features built in to it. Not only does it have the UltraPixel, which captures 3 times the light of a standard pixel, but it also features a secondary lens that will record additional data to apply some downright amazing effects. Once you understand how to use the M8 Duo Cam and the Eye experience, you’ll have a hard time giving it up.

Sprint has a definite winner in the M8 at this price. Who is going to argue with picking up the Smartphone of the Year for 2014 for nothing? You can grab your free gold HTC One M8 now at Sprint.

Link: Sprint

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