Sprint Prepaid Service Continues To Grow Despite Postpaid Offers


Sometimes the best deal isn’t the advertised price on TV. Sometimes that best deal can be found in the small print of the web page that you just don’t read very carefully. Sometimes, that best deal, is a really big deal. This is the case with Sprint’s Prepaid offerings and their currently, not really advertised, $100 port in credit offer. Yes, you heard that correctly, through 3/31/15, Sprint will pony up a $100 credit when you purchase an HTC Desire 510 and your first month of service. This deal applies to anyone not already on a Sprint plan or an affiliated MVNO.


The deal doesn’t stop there though, besides being able to snagging a free HTC Desire 510 with this deal, you also get your choice of lower cost plans like the $35 starter plan with unlimited talk and text and a full GB of LTE data. Adding $10 to that monthly bill brings you up to 3GB of LTE data and adding $20 takes you up to 6GB of data. None of the Sprint Prepaid offerings are unlimited, but for a simple $10 a GB you can recharge your data mid cycle when needed. If you really need that unlimited data, even at 3G speeds, you might be better off heading over to Boost Mobile or even FreedomPop and their lower cost ‘unlimited’ options.

The Sprint Prepaid $100 port in credit only runs through the end of this month. If you have been itching to get on the Sprint network with a minimal outlay, this is a great way to get started. With a minimal out of pocket expense and a device that can be whitelisted to work with any Sprint MVNO, it’s a hard deal to pass up.

Source Link: Sprint

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