There’s A New Player In The Musical MVNO Game: Rok Mobile


There’s a new game in town for mobile MVNO dealers, and they are looking to turn up the volume on their competition with some great new offers. First off, you have to understand that RokMobile isn’t just another cellular carrier, but it’s also your streaming music provider as well. In fact, they will even let you download the App to access their streaming music service and take it for a 14 day test drive before you have to switch to them to continue using it. It’s a rather brilliant play at getting people hooked on a service, just to get them hooked on another.


Your flat monthly rate includes unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of LTE data (unlimited 3G data speeds follow that allotment) on either the T-Mobile or Sprint networks. This plan can be had on either carrier for $49.99 a month or $39.99 a month when you purchase a 6 month package. So the cost of a two year deal with Rok Mobile can be as low as $959.76 for the service. Of course, if you choose not to snag that 6 month package pricing, the two year cost increases to $1199.76. Still a very strong performer in the 5GB LTE data space.


The plan just gets to the simple nuts and bolts of what the service includes. Virtually anything you can think of wanting in the service is included, including international calling and texting. Premium SMS and short codes are also available through Rok Mobile. Once you have the basics covered on the phone front, the music section takes over. Rok Music features 20+ million tracks that you can stream on demand. You can specify artists you want to hear and block those that don’t do it for you. You can scan for new releases and download old favorites for offline use. Frankly, the Rok Music service reminds me of the old Rhapsody service that was paired with Verizon Wireless back in the day, just without any additional charges or fees being added to the bill.



To make the offer a bit more enticing to users, you can visit Rok Mobile’s website and take them for a 7 day spin for absolutely FREE. You just supply and email address and a location for where they can ship your SIM card and you are rolling. If you have a capable Sprint device, you can even activate it on the spot. We will post a further review of the service after our trial SIM arrives, but for now, Rok Mobile is something that music lovers should definitely consider taking for a spin.



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