The Problem With Product Launches And Technology Shows…

htc one m9

With the end of the largest mobile technology show in the world, it’s great to look back at the amazing products that were announced and dream, but don’t dream too much about them. See, this is the plague of the industry right now, and many people just line up like sheep to grab the next big thing. Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a watch or a fitness band, the newer model is always better than the last. They are faster, stronger, better and just a bit more fun to have. Of course, at these shows, they usually don’t tell you when you can get one either.

For example, HTC launched their new HTC One M9 at the Mobile World Congress 2015 show with an expected launch date of ‘later this year’. Samsung did the same with their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models. Microsoft did one worse with their Lumia line by saying they had 2 new low to mid range models to launch, but the good stuff would be later in the year. Apple, as usual, didn’t say a word as they have their own private events later in the year.


So, these companies show off their wares to tech geeks, like us, who write all about them and tell you how amazing they will be. We then hopefully get on a list to test some out and let you know how they perform. Here’s where it gets hard though… Would you rather get the new HTC One M9 for $600 or the slightly older, but very capable M8 for about half of that? Do you need the Galaxy S6 or would the S4 for a third of the price be ok with you?

For example, usually Samsung drops their pricing $100 a year on models. Their S3 is $299 new right now, the S4 is $449 and the S5 is $599. By waiting a few months for the S6 to hit, those all get cheaper. The S4 is a very nice phone and should be in the $300-350 range within months. The S5 should drop well under $500 by the time the S6 comes out. When you are starting to pinch pennies, upgrading a bit later might start saving you quite a bit of cash.

Take our Red Pocket Mobile plans at $40 a month. The 2 year cost on those is $960. Grabbing that Galaxy S4 for $350 would make your 2 year cost $1410. Buying that new S6 at $700 would increase that cost almost 25%. A contract plan allows you to snag that $700 phone for $200, but at almost double the cost per month, it’s scary not to go with the newest since you would be stuck with it for two years. Cutting costs further with a carrier like Republic Wireless and using a slightly older Moto X or Moto G brings your monthly bill down through the floor. While it’s not always the perfect fit for everyone, savings is savings.

The bottom line is when shows like MWC15 happen, you will see some things that amaze you. New phones that do more, have more and are more fun that what you currently carry. If you get caught up in the excitement and lose site of saving, you might end up spending more on something you’ll never use. If you think ahead and save on the previous year’s model, the extra savings will really add up.


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