Republic Wireless Says Goodbye To The 2013 Moto X


If you were with Republic Wireless from day one, you probably remember the launch of the Moto X a bit more so than the rest of the world. The 2013 edition of the Moto X took your wireless plan and your Motorola Defy to all new levels in one fell swoop. What started out as an underpowered, lackluster 3G Sprint experience quickly turned into one of the best values in Wireless. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and for Republic Wireless users, or want-to-be users, their time to grab this amazing handset at a low price is disappearing quickly.

After turning the industry on it’s ear with $19 unlimited cell phone pricing, Republic Wireless quickly started filling gaps in their hardware department as well as their service plans. With Wi-Fi voice plans starting at $5, there isn’t a better option out there for saving over the long term than Republic Wireless. The $40 unlimited LTE plan is still one of the top values in the industry as well.

Republic Wireless has a limited amount of the original Moto X devices at a pretty great deal, sans contracts and payment programs. Grab one for yourself before they are gone and start enjoying the Republic Wireless savings.

Source: Republic Wireless


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