AT&T Boosts GoPhone Data To 1.5GB And 4GB

ATT Snow

Are you loving the savings that prepaid service is giving you on AT&T’s GoPhone plans? Well, your day is about to get a bit better. Beginning with renewals on February 20th, AT&T is increasing your data limits. If you are currently subscribed to the $45 – 1GB plan, your data allotment will rise to 1.5GB. If you are on the $60 – 2.5GB plan, you will be getting 4GB next month.

One advantage to using the GoPhone plans over MVNO’s like Straight Talk, Red Pocket Mobile or Net10 is that you are given network priority and a faster throttle speed. GoPhone plans are going to remain unlimited just like the other MVNO’s, but with speeds only dropping to 128kbps after you hit your LTE limit. Most MVNO’s drop to 64kbps after your limit is reached.

There is no increase in plan costs at this time, simply more data on their network. There’s nothing like getting more for the same price you’re paying now, except for maybe getting it for a bit less, but let’s just be happy with the more for now.




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