Get 100GB Of Free OneDrive Storage For 2 Years


It’s not like Bing Rewards wasn’t cool enough already, but it just got a bit more awesome, for FREE. That’s right, free is one of my favorite terms, and Bing Rewards delivers quite a bit for me already. First off, I rack up my daily search points and get my Hulu+ membership paid for through them. Today though, today brought sometime special from the folks over at OneDrive and Bing Rewards. Right now you can hit the Bing Rewards and sign up.

Then click this special link (which you can view in the daily tasks if you don’t believe me) and claim your 100GB of FREE OneDrive storage for the next two years. Now, this isn’t limited to Windows Phone users, so you Android and iOS people can jump in on this too. Heck, even if you just want the cloud storage for your PC, it’s a steal.

So, stop reading, and hit the Bing Rewards page and sign up. Then hit the OneDrive offer and enjoy the free space for all those photos, videos and music you have on your drives. You can thank me later!

Sign Up For Bing Rewards Here: Bing Rewards
Free 100GB Storage Space Link: OneDrive offer

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