NetOnTheRun Returns To Consumers With $45 Unlimited Plan And More


When the T-Mobile reseller 35orLess passed away on us last year, NetOnTheRun continued to operate as primarily a business to business reseller of cellular and mobile broadband services. What wasn’t clear was if they planned to come back to consumers or stick with the business offerings. Fortunately, today it looks like consumers may start benefiting from NetOnTheRun once again, and this time in an even bigger way. The plans are back, and they are bringing with them some serious ammunition to compete with the big boys.

The pricing for the plan is a flat $50 a month. If you agree to the terms of their auto-pay system, you can do even better with a $45 monthly bill. With that $45 monthly fee, you get what many would consider the top plan in the industry at that price point. You snag a T-Mobile plan with unlimited talk, text and data, with 5GB of that coming in the form of LTE speeds each month. You also have the added bonus of Music Freedom and tethering. It’s almost the same service level you get with a full T-Mobile plan, sans the international pieces.

To make the port in process a bit more appealing to users, right now you can port your number in at a reduced rate of $35 for the first month (they are calling this a proration for the first month so you do not have to deal with partial month billings) and it includes your choice of SIM cards. Everyone can port their numbers in, except those already on a T-Mobile post paid plan. Those numbers are not eligible for porting.

After you settle in to your new found $45 a month plan, you will get a nice little $100 Amazon Gift Card headed to you after your 4th month. This makes the true cost of the plan less than $20 a month for the first 4 months. Your gift card should arrive by the end of May, after you’ve paid for your February, March, April and May service.

Overall, it seems like a very strong MVNO offering. There’s no word on if the NetOnTheRun plan will be subject to T-Mobile’s new prepaid 8 Mbps LTE speed caps or not, but even so, the price for that much data and Music Freedom, it’s a great plan for most users. Visit to get all the details.



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