Red Pocket Mobile’s New iPhone Plan Is A Head Turner–And A Value!


When you think about wanting to buy a new iPhone, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are way too expensive to purchase outright. The next is which one should you get. Well, thankfully, the folks over at Red Pocket Mobile have you covered with the pricing, so the only hard part is figuring out which device you want to grab. Red Pocket Mobile is now offering refurbished iPhone’s along with a generous amount of unlimited cell coverage in a 6 month or 12 month package. The best part of their deal, the phone is almost free.

Red Pocket Mobile is offering the Apple iPhone 5 (2 generations old) and 6 months of service ($39.99 a month – unlimited talk, text and data with 500MB of LTE) you would pay just $579.99. That’s $240 in service and $340 for the phone. For 12 months, you’ll pay $779.99 and get the same deal. That’s an additional $40 off.

Of course, if you already have your iPhone, or other device you love, Red Pocket Mobile can help you out there as well with discounted SIM cards to match your network and plans for every level of user. Also, since Red Pocket Mobile is a prepaid carrier, there are no additional taxes or fees pinned on to your bill.

The new Red Pocket Mobile plan also features quality used and refurbished handsets from Samsung, HTC, ZTE and more. Visit Red Pocket Mobile online to see all the deals and find the right plan to start saving you cash today.


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