Sprint Launches Direct Assault On T-Mobile’s Customer Base


In the battle for #3, it seems anything goes between T-Mobile and Sprint. In fact, it seems like anything went a long time ago, but now things just got crazy. For those that are stuck in 2G land on the uncarrier’s network, Sprint has a better way. If you are under contract, Sprint will pony up all the money needed to make you leave your old carrier and give you a bonus of $200 or more for your current phone. That’s correct – bring in your T-Mobile device for a $200 guaranteed credit.

So, lets just say a family of four, finishing out their T-Mobile contracts with a few Galaxy S III devices wants to leave their carrier for something a bit newer – and cheaper… They would take their GS3’s to a T-Mobile store and pick up the 20GB Unlimited plan for $100. Then then get four new Galaxy S5’s for $25 a month a piece – bringing their bill to $200 a month for the first year. That’s not a shabby deal, regardless of the network they use. The second year sees the bill increase $60 a month, to $260 with the phone payment included. Of course, there are 4 bill credits of $200 issued for each of their older GS3’s… Meaning the entire 2 year cost of their new Sprint contract is a lowly, $1200 a line plus taxes!

When you throw this at even the best MVNO deals, it’s a tough one to beat. At 20GB of data per month, you can average 5GB per line and still be ok. Looking at MVNO offerings, your would be hard pressed to find a deal like that at the $50 mark and you would still be out $600 for that GS5 before it all started.

By the numbers:

Sprint $200 Trade In Deal – 4 lines – Unlimited Talk, Text & 20GB data – $200/$260 – $800 = Total Due over 24 months $4720

PTel Mobile – 4 lines – Unlimited Talk, Text & 2GB LTE data (unlimited 2G) – $200 + $2400 = Total Due over 24 months $4800

Simple Mobile – 4 lines -  Unlimited Talk, Text & 3GB LTE data (unlimited 2G) – $200 + $2400 = Total Due over 24 months $4800


Sources: SprintPTel MobileSimple Mobile


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