Amazon FreeTime Unlimited: $3 Well Spent And Then Some


When something new and exciting comes across our desks, sometimes we feel the need to share it with you, and sometimes we feel the need to really tell you about it. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is one of those things that falls into the latter of the two types and is probably one of the most brilliant concepts on the planet today. A simple $2.99 a month subscription (with Prime or $4.99 without) to all things kid-friendly in the Amazon App Store. Our first question, why are they the only ones that have figured this out?

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited delivers virtually the entire Amazon catalog of Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, EA and their own kids content to your fire tablet, Kindle eReader or Fire TV. There are over 5,000 education titles, apps and kid-friendly books. It also features TV shows from the content providers listed above. When you team this service up with the fireHD Kids Edition for $149.99 it becomes the ultimate package for entertaining the muchkins while you enjoy knowing they can’t get into trouble.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited restricts the kids from doing anything that will cost you any cash. They also will not have access to social media sites, inappropriate content and you can even block access to charcters and content you don’t want them to have. You can even make them do learning activities on it for a set amount of time before the rest of the fun is unlocked for use. Overall, it should put a parent’s mind at ease knowing that Amazon is filtering everything your child can see based on what you tell them you want.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited also features a multiple profile option. For $6.99 a month with prime (or $9.99 a month without) you can add up to 4 children to your Amazon FreeTime Unlimited membership. This gives each child a separate log in, home screen and restrictions setup. Your 10 year old won’t be subjected to the same titles that your 4 year old is and boy’s don’t have to play girl’s games all the time.

Overall, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, is the perfect solution for many parents that are frustrated with their inability to control the content that their children see when passing over their tablet to keep them quiet at Starbucks or in a line at the store. Most important though, the FreeTime program can actually make your children’s tablet time educational instead of just entertaining. More details on the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited can be found at the links below.

Link: Amazon FreeTime Unlimited  – fireHD Kids Edition


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