T-Mobile Goes Unlimited With The 2 For $100 Plan


With the holidays here, everyone is looking for a better plan. T-Mobile wants to try and help you out there. For only $100, a couple can snag 2 lines of unlimited talk, text and LTE data. That’s right, $100, plus about $20 in taxes and fees, you will get unlimited use of T-Mo’s high speed LTE network (where available) and a bevy of other options included with that.

The plan includes Rhapsody UnRadio, 5GB of tethering, global roaming and a rest of the features that are also included with the Simple Choice Plans. What is different about this offering is the $40 savings for the second line. Additional lines would also only run $40 as well. This makes the total cost to a family of 4 about $220 after taxes. Not a shabby deal for unlimited everything on a nationwide high speed network.

T-Mobile is also bringing back an old favorite. If you don’t need that unlimited plan and want to save the family a bit more going into 2015, the 10GB 4 line family plan is also back at it’s amazing $100 price point. Overall, this was the most popular offer they had ever run, and people will be lined up once again to join the uncarrier with this deal. Even if you purchase 4 brand new iPhones on the EIP program, you still walk out the door with a bill that looks a shade over $200 rather than $300-350 like some other carriers charge for a similar service.

For more information on these plans, visit www.t-mobile.com or a store near you.


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