The Perfect Gift: Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for that last minute gift for the person that has everything? Well, look no further and check out a few of these amazing options that you can have at their door before they know it!


Boogie Board Products – Although we love the Sync, the entire line of Boogie Board products is something that nobody should do without. The Sync works with your PC or Smartphone and allows your images/documents to be saved anywhere and at any time.

Boogie Board Sync – $99.99

Additional Boogie Board Products – From $19.99



Huawei TalkBand B1 – A fitness tracker of a different sort. While most of the fitness trackers on the market are out to make you run faster, lift more or just measure more data than you know what to do with, the Huawei TalkBand B1 has a different mission. The TalkBand B1 has the simple goal of making your life more balanced.

Huawei TalkBand B1 – $129.99



Amazon Echo – Part personal assistant, part entertainment system. The Amazon Echo is the next generation of information providing tech that everyone will want to have. Syncing with the Echo App, you can have your entire universe added to your Fire Phone or Android powered device was easily as telling the Echo to add butter to your shopping list. It’s hard to say how cool this device really is, but it’s guaranteed to impress the pants off any techofile out there that already has it all.

Amazon Echo – $199 or $99 for Prime Members


HP Stream 7 32GB Tablet – When you can grab that special someone a full fledged PC that fits in a pocket, albeit a rather large pocket, fur under $100, why not take advantage of that one. The 7” HP Stream 7 includes a full year of Microsoft Office 365 and an unlimited OneDrive account. On top of that, purchase now and you get a $25 Windows Store gift card to grab some new Apps and Games for this guy.

HP Stream 7 (32GB) – $99.99


64GB Jumpdrive

Lexar 128GB USB 3.0 JumpDrive – With all those photos from your holiday get-together’s taking up all the space on your phone and computer, a bit of portable storage will come in awfully handy. With a high capacity Lexar JumpDrive, those photos can be off-loaded and stored safely just about anywhere. The high speed USB 3.0 connection makes viewing them on a computer or other device a snap. The price drops on thumb drives has made purchasing this much storage a no-brainer, and everyone can always use more storage!

Lexar 128GB USB 3.0 JumpDrive – $149.99 (sale price $50.92)



Otterbox Cases – So many people purchase a new $750 smartphone for the holidays and don’t think much about protecting that investment. Sure, they pick up insurance on it to help prevent disaster from costing too much, but there is something to be said for the $100 deductibles and the time that you are down waiting for the new phone to get to you or to be setup. An Otterbox case offers the ultimate in protection and can actually help the resale value of your device when it becomes time to upgrade because of how well the protect the phone from scuffs and scrapes.

Otterbox Cases – Various Styles and Prices

Amazon Prime Membership – Yes, they may have everything already, but when you work in 2 Day Shipping on millions of items, all you can watch streaming video, all you can listen streaming music and the Kindle Lending Library, a Prime Membership is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime Membership – $99 per year


PTel Mobile

Ptel Mobile Service – Yes, for that person that has everything, a nice gift might be the gift of savings. For example, a T-Mobile user shells out nearly $65 for their mid-range plan every month. By eliminating the nearly 20% in taxes associated with post-paid cellular plans, Ptel can give them coverage on the same network for about 1/2 of that. For $20 a month, a user can get unlimited talk and text. For a bit more, you can add unlimited data to the mix at various tiers of 4G LTE or just plain old 2G. While you may get some weird looks for putting a SIM card in their stocking, they’ll thank you later for the cash you save them.

Ptel Mobile Service – PayGo from $.05 a minute – Unlimited from $20 a month


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