Verizon Wireless Pricing Is Confusing Even To Them


If there is one thing we hate, it’s creative pricing to lure you in, only to have a different number thrown out when you go to sign up for service. In this case, Verizon Wireless is the culprit. After confirming with Big Red via twitter that the cost of a two line 10GB More Everything Plan with two full price devices would be $110 a month, that was $160 minus $25 per phone per month, a quick trip online revealed that that wasn’t the case.

Yes, after going through the painful process of entering that 5 million digit ESN number, then the 4 million digit SIM card number… Then doing it all again… Verizon’s price shows a nice, neat $160 per month. No discount, no price break for buying a $500 phone outright, no nothing. The easy answer to this is that you simply go into the store where they can get it all fixed up for you, right? Yes, that is the answer they give – or the just order it online and we can adjust your billing once your account is setup.

Here’s where it gets very fuzzy for me though. It doesn’t say anywhere on the web that the $15 or $25 discount on the monthly rate applies to your full price handset. It only highlights the discount for those using the Edge program (which funny enough you end up spending more monthly on the phone than the discount gives you back).

Overall, it appears that Verizon needs to get their customer service reps up to speed with their own policies. If in fact you can land a 10GB plan for $80 and pay only $15 a handset to add ones that you purchase outright, they need to make that clear on their website. If that is not the case, they need to make sure that their reps know their stuff. Otherwise, you take a potential customer and drive them right in to the arms of prepaid or T-Mobile, since those VZW LTE bands now work pretty well with T-Mobile’s service anyways.


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