Black Friday Prepaid Cellular Deals!

Think a carrier store is the place to be on Black Friday for a great phone deal? Well, think again. We’ve put together a list of some great deals that you can have on that magical shopping day all from the comfort of your home.

PTel Mobile

Ptel Mobile

Port a number to PTel Mobile now and get your second month of unlimited service FREE!

No Coupon Code Needed at PTel Mobile

GIV Mobile

Get a FREE @BLU_Products #Advanced when you purchase 2 mo. unlimited plan.

Coupon Code: GIVCYBER14T at GIV Mobile


TracFone Wireless

Get the Samsung Galaxy Centura for TracFone Wireless for only $29.99.

No Coupon Code Needed at TracFone Wireless


Straight Talk Wireless

Is running $50 off the Huawei W1 Windows Phone for Black Friday as well.

No Coupon Needed at Straight Talk Wireless


Net10 Wireless
The refurbished Huawei Glory Android powered device is on sale for $29.99.

No Coupon Needed at Net10 Wireless


Amazon Wireless

The Amazon Fire Phone is now just $199.99 without contract!

No Coupon Needed at


Red Pocket Mobile also has some amazing deals running, but they are not announcing them until Thanksgiving Day.


There’s plenty more to see out at these sites! Make sure to stop in and see how much you can save and even get a free phone or free service in the process!


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