Sprint Offering New Prepaid Options And Lower Cost Handsets


With all the bad news surrounding Sprint and their post-paid customer churn this quarter, there has to be something positive to write about, right? Well, after doing a bit of digging, we’ve found it. The new prepaid options available from Sprint are very competitive and offer something for almost everyone. From $35 a month, those living in a good coverage area can get unlimited talk and text, plus a bit of data to go with it.

The $35 plan includes 1GB of LTE speed data. The $45 expands this total to 3GB, while the $55 plan doubles you up to a full 6GB of data at those speeds. What sets this apart as a little lower value than those from traditional MVNO’s like PTel Mobile is the fact that you don’t receive unlimited after hitting that high speed data cap.

For those interested in the new Sprint Prepaid phones, you can see a great selection of handsets online or you can visit a Sprint store for more details. For those that still are looking for other options using the Sprint network, the new Boost Mobile plans run the same pricing as the Sprint offerings, but offer unlimited data after their high speed data limit run out.

It’s worth noting that with those Boost Mobile plans you get 1GB with the $35 plan, 5GB with the $45 plan and 10GB with the $55 plan. Quite the deal when you think about how much surfing you can do with a full 10GB of LTE data every month.

Source: Sprint.comBoost Mobile



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