PlatinumTel Brings New Lower Unlimited Pricing To The Front

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PlatinumTel or as it is known today, PTel Mobile, really wants you as a customer. They not only offer great no contract offerings starting at $20 a month, but they are offering a bevy of deals to get you in the door and test out their service. First up, no, this isn’t the same PlatinumTel that was around back in the day, yet it is the same company. A short time ago, PTel Mobile rebranded under their new name and switched over from the horribly unreliable Sprint network to the T-Mobile LTE network. This not only offered a network that could run today’s current smartphones, but also gave PTel Mobile a chance to run some amazingly priced options out to their customers.

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First, for you Wi-Fier’s, there is the $.05 Paygo option. This option runs you $.05 a minute for talk and $.02 a minute per text. If you have a WiFi calling option setup on your device and only need a phone for emergency use while away from home, or if the power goes out, this is a great option. The $100 refill is good for 2000 minutes and lasts a full year between recharges. Pair this with a long lasting candy bar or flip phone, you also have a great emergency device as well.

Next up from PTel Mobile is the $20 voice and text plan. If you are one that talks and texts constantly, for just $240 a year, you can snag this deal. PTel Mobile doesn’t stop there. The $25 plan adds unlimited 2G data to the mix. Bare in mind that the 2G data is dial-up modem speed, so streaming videos is completely out of the question on this one. Continuing from there, you get into PTel Mobile’s higher speed data plans. Jumping up $10 to $35 lets you access 500MB of LTE data before getting dropped to those 2G speeds. $50 takes you to 2GB before dropping and $65 goes to 4GB before dropping. Overall, the $20-35 plans are one of the better deals on the market. Going up to the $50 and $65 plans, PTel Mobile is still a bit behind the curve on price vs. data allotment.


PTel Mobile has definitely brought a new game to the table. While not all plans are created equal with them, the fact that you can get anything from a $.05 per minute PayGo plan up to a $65 a month unlimited plan is pretty impressive. For the light data user or those that just don’t want data at all, PTel Mobile is an option that you should definitely consider. In fact, the deal gets even better with the “Port Your Number” deal running right now. Port your qualifying number over to PTel Mobile today and get your second month of unlimited service for free. Visit PTel Mobile today and see how your bill stacks up against the new offerings from PTel Mobile.

Link: PTel Mobile


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