Sportstracklive Starts Funding Campaign


One of the longest term players in the Fitness App world is SportsTrackLive. For over 6 years, STL has been around to track your runs, rides and just about anything else you could throw at it. Unfortunately, on October 14th, the announcement came that STL was shuttering their doors and closing up shop. As of November 1st, the servers would be gone and everything with it. What nobody saw coming was a next step and a second chance.

Just 10 days later, the good folks at SportsTrackLive are offering their users a second chance. They need to have 1,500 subscribers to their new ‘premium’ service at a measly $2.50 a month to keep themselves going. You can access the sign up page here: Get Premium Now

For those that don’t know SportsTrackLive, it is a great App for fitness buffs. With a simple tracking scheme, STL keeps you workouts, runs, walks, and other activities all in one place. The Live GPS feature tracks your distance activities and maps them for later use in a standard GPX format. You can save these files and compete with friends as they download your route and run it against you later. Simply put, it’s one of the strongest fitness Apps on the market today.

The timing on this couldn’t have been stranger as at the beginning of October, a newer version of the App was launched supporting the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live. Earlier in the year, the App was released with updates for the Gear Live and the LG G Watch, but the update brought additional functions to the wearable market.

If you are a fitness lover, SportsTrackLive has been one of those Apps that everyone has ‘borrowed’ from over the years. One of the first on the scene is still one of the best and will just keep getting better with your support. If you haven’t tried it yet, download the App at the link below and give it a run. If you like it as much as we know you will, you should sign up and give something that will only cost you about as much as half a cup of coffee a month a serious workout.

Sign Up for Premium Service: Get Premium Now

Download for Android: SportsTracker

Download the PRO version for Android: SportsTracker PRO ($4.99)


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