T-Mobile Set To End Bonus Data Family Plans On October 29th

If a rumor post has any credence at all, it appears that the Uncarrier is undoing one of the best ideas they ever had, their free bonus data plans. The ‘internal memo’ that is making the rounds right now indicates that this could be your last week to purchase the 4 line, 10GB plan for $100 a month through 2015.

Final Week! 4 Lines for $100 w/10GB Data Feature & Other Promo Offers to be Grandfathered October 29 (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC)

On October 29, the following will be grandfathered, which means this is the last chance to offer customers the 4 Lines for $100 with 10GB data offer!

  • Promo $100 4 – 5 Line Family plan
  • Promo $0 2.5GB data feature
  • Promo $10 4.5GB data feature

Important: Other family plans will still be available on October 29, including the 2 – 5 Line Family plan and 6+ Line Family plans. This means that customers can still get 4 lines for $100 with our standard data features.”

While it is very difficult to confirm this deal, we can only assume the worst, that it is true. The rumor is even being reported by very well known sites like T-Mo News and they are usually spot on with T-Mobile’s leaks. Hopefully this just opens the door for Mr. Legere and co. to do some holiday magic for us. As long as it’s not so they can raise their prices and dress up as AT&T for Halloween, it will probably work out ok.

Needless to say, if you’ve been on the fence about signing up on one of these ‘$100 family plans’ with T-Mobile, MetroPCS or Cricket, the time to be getting is probably about here. If this is going to signal a change for T-Mobile’s pricing, it’s probably going to affect the others as well.

It is worth noting as you think about that, the $100 Simple Choice plan still includes unlimited music streaming, 1GB of data per line and you can still upgrade each line for about $10 each. All in all, it’s not the end of the universe if you miss out on this one.


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