Save With Red Pocket Mobile’s New T-Mobile Compatible Plans


In the wake of the bankruptcy filing of Solavei and the demise of Spot Mobile, many are wondering if there are additional options to move their service to. Sure, there are the big box solutions like Wal-Mart Family Plans, Net10 and Straight Talk, but what if their higher priced “unlimited” plans won’t fit your needs? Red Pocket Mobile service from can help.


With RPM GSMT plans, you can have service from $19.99 a month. That sub-$20 plan includes 300 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and unlimited 2G data. Typical 2G data speeds will range from 56kbps to 256kbps depending on market and network conditions. The $19.99 plan is the perfect solution for someone that is around Wi-Fi most of the time and communicates via text instead of voice calls.

Stepping up to the $24.99 plan, users gain unlimited talk, while losing the 2G data. For feature phones and people that just need that voice line, the $24.99 plan is a great solution and doesn’t require you to get a data plan if you don’t want one.


Jumping up to the $34.99 plan, Red Pocket Mobile starts drifting into territory normally associated with carriers like Virgin Mobile. Their Web & Texter plan is the perfect fit for 90% of the kids out there. You get 300 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and 2GB of LTE data (which is followed by unlimited 2G data.) Users can talk if they need to and communicate through chat Apps and SMS for everything else. The $34.99 price tag is a perfect solution for many users and the 2GB of LTE is double what most carriers offer in their $40 plan.

For $39.99, users drop their high speed data allotment to 500MB, but gain the additional services of unlimited voice calling and up to 200 minutes of international calling for no additional charge. The Unlimited Everything – 500MB plan is a great solution for those with relatives that live overseas, or those that just like to call coffee shops in Paris to find out what the weather is like there.


RPM continues to up the bar with their Unlimited Everything – 1GB and Unlimited Everything – 3GB plans. For $49.99 or $59.99 respectively, you get everything that is included with the Unlimited Everything – 500MB plan, including the free international credits, and more data. While paying $10 for a 500MB increase doesn’t seem very cost effective, the double the data theory for $10 isn’t the worst deal in town. The 3GB plan offers a much better bang for the buck in terms of cost increase to what you receive for it as a 2.5GB boost (500%) for $20 more is much easier to swallow.

While Red Pocket Mobile’s plans may not be the least expensive option out there, their tiers of service certainly provide more flexibility for the end user. Ranging from the $34.99 Web and Texter plan to the $59.99 Unlimited Everything – 3GB plan, RPM has just about everyone covered. Even if you just need a decent price on a monthly phone with no high speed data RPM has you covered.

More information on Red Pocket Mobile’s new GSMT plans is available at You can also receive a FREE SIM for either the GSMT or GSMA plans via as well.


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