4GFastData.com Now Offering Prepaid Plans For Verizon And Sprint


One of the biggest problems with the major cellular carriers is that you have your choice of two plans, discounted device and more cash monthly or a full price device and a bit of a break cost wise. Just about everything else becomes a matter of how much you use that phone in your pocket on a daily basis, and the more you want, the more you will spend. While this may seem like a stupid statement, it isn’t always as dumb as it sounds. Take the new prepaid offerings from Verizon Wireless as an example.

Verizon Wireless has their new “All Set” plans that are $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data. While this plan works amazingly well for those that talk and text a ton, that 500MB of data is going to go pretty quickly. Instead, the popular MVNO Red Pocket Mobile, is stepping up to the plate with some new offerings on the nation’s largest network.

With 4 plan choices, you can now get a bill on Big Red’s network that ranges from $20-$50. This includes taxes and fees if you purchase refills from internet sites. Red Pocket’s offerings start with a $19.99 plan that includes 300 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and 1GB of data. The perfect plan for someone that uses texting over talking and is around Wi-Fi a fair amount of the time. Next in line is the talker plan. This $29.99 plan features unlimited talk and text, then adds in 100MB of data for use with picture messaging and web browsing.

The third Verizon network offering from Red Pocket is the $34.99 plan that includes 200 minutes of voice use, unlimited texting and 2GB of data. Finally, there is the $49.99 plan, which matches Verizon’s prepaid offering with unlimited talk and text, but ups the data to 4 times as much with a full 2GB of data.

Not to be outdone by other MVNO’s, Red Pocket also has plans available on all four major networks. Their AT&T plans all feature unlimited talk and text, but add the following data amounts based on their monthly costs. For $29.99 you get 100MB of data. For $39.99 you have 500MB of data with a hard cap. For $49.99 you have 500MB of high speed data and unlimited 2G data following that. For $59.99 you have what many consider the best value in wireless still with the Red Pocket Max plan. This includes unlimited talk, text, plus some calling to some international destinations, and 3GB of high speed data.

For those coming from Sprint, your unlocked or clean ESN Sprint devices can be activated on one of the three CDMA-S plans on Red Pocket Mobile. The first, a $29.99 talk and text plan that includes 100MB of data for MMS and light browsing. The $34.99 plan offers 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text and 2.5GB of LTE data before being slowed to 128kbps. The last plan is $49.99 and includes unlimited talk and text on top of that 2.5GB of LTE data.

Finally, the new offerings from Red Pocket Mobile for T-Mobile’s network include the $20 plan with 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text and unlimited 2G data (128-256kbps depending on location). The next step up at the $25 adds unlimited talk and text and 50MB of data for MMS and light browsing. For $35, users get 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text and 2.5GB of LTE data before those 2G speeds kick in. Finally, the $50 plan includes unlimited talk and text and the same 2.5GB/unlimited LTE/2G data plan.

Overall, Red Pocket’s new offerings are quite the steal for many users that don’t require unlimited everything or that want to curve their plan to fit their usage better and to save money. All four offerings can save you substantial money over their home network competitors and all four have the solid backing of Red Pocket Mobile’s great customer support. For more information on these Red Pocket Mobile plans, visit www.4gfastdata.com.


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