Groupon Offering iPhone 4 For Verizon Wireless

For the slightly less tech inclined folks out there, Groupon is currently running a great offer on the refurbished, soon to be five generation old, iPhone 4. The successor to the iPhone 3Gs offers plenty of pop for everyday use, just don’t expect to be able to update to the latest and greatest features that iOS has to offer. The deal starts with the 8GB model for $119.99. The 16GB and 32GB models are also available for $129.99 or $149.99 respectively. Although the iPhone 4 might be outclassed by the newer specs of the 5 and 5s, it still delivers that amazing Apple experience on a 3.5″ IPS display. At a price that is less than what you might pay for a simple iPod, you can access the Verizon Wireless 3G network. Of course, even more brilliant is the fact that you can use this device with Page Plus Cellular as well. The lower cost plans that Page Plus offers makes this great price an even better deal. This is a mobile post sent from the HTC One powered by


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