Get A Free Lumia 630 From Cricket Wireless


Wondering if you should try a Windows Phone? How about grabbing the Nokia (or Microsoft) Lumia 630 for free and still not having to commit to a long term deal? Yes, right now, Cricket Wireless (AT&T) is running the Lumia 630 at a $50 off promo price, plus there is a $50 mail-in rebate as well. This brings the price of the mid-range Windows Phone down to zero. There is also no contract with Cricket.

The Lumia 630 features a 4.5” display, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a 5MP rear camera and Windows Phone 8.1. It can be activated on the $40, $50 or $60 a month plans and you can save $5 a month on service if you use the auto-pay system.

The 630 also works great with service from Red Pocket Mobile, our preferred AT&T MVNO. So get on over to and get one of these beasts before they disappear.


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