FreedomPop Delivers 4 New LTE Handsets


As great deals in cellular go, FreedomPop is one of the best. Unfortunately, until now, you had a pretty horrid selection of used handsets to try out. The $99 HTC Evo 4G was a favorite device in 2010 and the Samsung Galaxy S II was sure a beast in it’s prime a few years back as well, but neither really held a candle to what is needed to run today’s taxing apps and games. The great news is that FreedomPop has launched 4 new LTE devices online and they are yours for the taking.

First up, is the Samsung Victory 4G LTE (refurbished) for $119. This simple Android device has a 1.2Ghz processor, 5MP camera and 4GB of internal storage. It’s a perfect device for those that don’t need a smartphone, but want to take advantage of FreedomPop’s Free or $10 a month unlimited plan.

Next up, FreedomPop updated their Galaxy lineup with the S3 and S4. The S3 is now an aged device as well, but still one of the best values around. At $199 for the refurbished model, you get a solid 1.5 Ghz processor, 16GB of internal storage and a spectacular 8MP shooter. Overall, it’s quite the value. The S4 will set you back $349 for the refurbished model and ups the processor to a 1.9 Ghz Quad-core setup and bumps the camera to 13MP.

Finally, for the Apple fans, the iPhone 5 is available in a refurbished package as well. The 16GB version will only set users back $399. The iPhone 5 features a 1.3 Ghz dual-core processor, 16GB of memory and its nice 8MP shooter.

Any of these are a great option when you pair them with the lower cost offerings from FreedomPop. Keep in mind that you will be running off the Sprint network when you use the service, so if you are in a weak coverage area, you might want to think twice before jumping in.


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