Is The Latest T-Mobile UnCarrier Move Really That Great?

After giving the news some time to sink in from last week’s Uncarrier announcement from T-Mobile, it’s scary to think that something so tiny could be so earth shattering. First there was the iPhone 5s test-drive. Then there was the ‘free’ streaming music announcement as well. Both are pretty cool features, but honestly, neither one is really that big of deal. Most carriers offer a 14 day ‘trial’ of their phones and services and the streaming music deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That said, if you are already on a T-Mo Simple Choice plan, not hacking in to your LTE data stream while you listen to music is a decent deal.

Looking at the bigger picture though, right now, Apple is desparately trying to move all their iPhone 5s stock before the iPhone 6 is announced. What better way to do that than give them away via a test drive? Send them out, get people to try them and if they forget to return them, they get charged full retail for the device. If they like it and keep it, they get billed $33 a month for the next 24 months. Either way, Apple wins, not the consumer. Oh, and T-Mobile gets a new sub for the next two years as well.

Looking at the second part, or the Uncarrier 6 announcement, was the one that really got some people excited. T-Mobile was partnering with certain music services to allow non-cap counting streaming through their services. While this might sound like a brilliant move, in reality, most music services run about the same bandwidth as T-Mobile’s 2G service, which is already unlimited. The bonus to this deal is that you don’t use the high speed data first.

Overall, nothing earth shattering happened at last week’s announcement, but it wasn’t exactly bad news either.


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