Amazon Kindle Fire Phone Hits Stores 7/25


A lucky screen shot snag from Amazon’s own store pages revealed that their new Kindle Fire Phone will be hitting their shelves on July 25th. The new device will retail for $649 and $749 for the 32GB and 64GB models. This is the non-contract pricing according to Amazon’s website. The 2 year pricing for AT&T subsidized devices will be $199 and $299. If you would rather participate in the AT&T Next program, the phone will run you $27 a month added to your bill. Preorders for the Fire Phone begin today.

The Fire Phone does have a few tricks up it’s sleeves though, as it includes unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos and a pretty nifty new camera system that handles gestures and facial recognition.

If you feel like your Kindle Fire needs a playmate, you might want to consider adding the Fire Phone to your pocket. It’s the perfect companion to the Fire TV you picked up last month. It also includes a free year of Prime with purchase. If you already subscribe, Amazon will tack the year on to your existing subscription. Overall, the Fire Phone seems very much like the Moto X hardware with a few nice upgrades in the camera department.

Specs: Unspecified quad-core processor, 4.7” Display, 2GB RAM, 32/64GB Storage, 13MP camera

Story will be updated as more specs are confirmed.

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