Verizon Wireless Gets Competitive With New ALLSET Plan


Most people will say that Verizon Wireless has the best cellular network in the country. Additionally, most agree that Verizon Wireless also charges more than anyone else for that network. Something strange has happened recently that many people may not have noticed though, Verizon is actually competitive in pricing and in a few spots, may actually be the best deal around.

Starting with their new two year contract pricing, you can snag a stellar new device like the HTC One M8 or Nokia Lumia Icon for $99.99. You then pay just $80 a month for unlimited talk, text and 1GB of LTE data. This brings your monthly bill to just under $100 with taxes and fees. This is a savings of nearly $50 over last year’s pricing while only losing a bit of data. While this is a far cry from the $45 prepaid plans that you see floating around in TV and internet ads, you are getting a $600 device for a major discount and paying about $50 a month more than you would with that lesser MVNO coverage.


Want to save even more and still get the strongest network in the US? Verizon Wireless has you covered with their new ALLSET plan. For $45 a month, you get access to their network, unlimited talk and text and 500MB of 3G data. Knowing that it’s all about the LTE right now, remember than in most areas Verizon’s 3G network will still pull down fast enough data for streaming music, although for a plan with only 500MB, users should probably stray away from streaming anything.

For an additional $5 you can purchase 500MB more data that will last you 30 days. For $10 you get 1GB that lasts 90 days. If you are really a data monger, you can grab 3GB more for $20 and that will carry over for 90 days as well. To explain this a bit easier, for $52 a month, you get unlimited talk and text on Verizon’s network and 1.5GB of 3G data as well. The great part is that you can use the minimum plan when you are only using a bit of data and then have the extra cushion for when need it.


Overall, the $50 a month bill on the ALLSET plan is a rather nice alternative for that $99.99 Google Moto G, $199.99 iPhone 4s or even the $269.99 Samsung Galaxy SIII. As a bonus, if you grab this deal soon, you get 1000 minutes and unlimited texting to Mexico and Canada on the new $45 ALLSET plan as well.

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